Native messaging host for ff2mpv written in Go.

Since it is a native binary, it starts faster than the official Python or Ruby implementations.


  • Firefox 50 or later
  • ff2mpv 3.0 or later
  • Go 11 or later (probably works on older versions too)
  • mpv 0.21.0 or later


  • go install git.clsr.net/util/ff2mpv-go@latest
  • ff2mpv-go --manifest > ~/.mozilla/native-messaging-hosts/ff2mpv.json

If $GOBIN is not in $PATH, specify the full path to the installed executable (e.g. $GOBIN/ff2mpv-go) when running it.

If a custom mpv command is required, manually clone the repository and edit the mpvCmd variable in ff2mpv.go, then run go install in the package folder instead of above the go install step.


Use ff2mpv as normally.